This is the fourth & final post in a series of blog posts which document Serversaurus’ journey to becoming a Certified B Corporation. Over the next month or two, we’ll go through our B Corp journey from inception to certification, offer some advice and recommendations on the certification process, and reflect on the best practice and benefits we’ve discovered along the way.

The Journey – recap

We approached B Corp tentatively, perhaps putting the certification process on a metaphorical pedestal. In hindsight, we may have spent an excessive amount of time researching and planning for a project which was in actuality relatively straight forward.

However, our thoroughness did have an ironic benefit – as we meticulously contacted and interviewed the B Corp community, we quickly discovered that the certification process was not as complex as we first thought. In the process of meeting a great bunch of B Corp ambassadors, we adapted accordingly, taking on board all the advice given, and dove into the assessment and post-assessment review as quickly as possible.

Our advice here would therefore be to dive into the deep end from the outset – the B Lab and B Corp lifeguards won’t let you drown.

The Benefits

Benefits of being a B Corp are myriad – for now, the clear benefits for us have been:

  • Benchmarking opportunities. The need to properly look at our environmental and social policies during the assessment has clearly highlighted areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.
  • Formalisation opportunities. We have created a comprehensive HR document / employee handbook which outlines our mission, sustainability policies and employee policies. This has positive ramifications for the business because it provides a clear, codified roadmap for employee and employer alike, as well as providing an excellent working document that can be modified as the business grows and changes.
  • Networking opportunities. All B Corps we contacted during this process were incredibly passionate, friendly, and more than willing to help. We have no doubt that being part of this network will open up a plethora of business and marketing opportunities, as well as the opportunity to be part of and contribute to innovative discourse on better business practices.

However, the real benefits are to the environmental and community within which we now reside. This commitment to and proof of better and sustainable business practices ensure that our business has a net positive impact on our human and ecological environment, both on a local and a global scale.

Indeed, the buzz and excitement within the B Corp community is undeniable. We are excited to join this community and campaign, bolster its voice and power, and truly B the Change. As a founding Australian B Corp, we are proudly committed to driving this goal forward towards a fairer and more sustainable world!


We hope that this series of blog posts inspire future B Corps out there and help them achieve certification. We’d like to thank B Lab and the B Corp community for their amazing help and support.

This is by no means a guide, but rather a series of posts reflecting our unique journey – we’re more than welcome replies and comments to help refine this series and improve its rigour and universality. For any questions or suggestions about these blog posts or the B Corp process generally, please feel free to get in touch.