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Custom Solutions

While Serversaurus offers a host of predefined products and services, we also offer custom solutions, including specialised hosting environments, application-specific hosting solutions and infrastructure architecting. Because our hosting platform is completely self-owned, we're able to offer highly unique services, dedicated environments, hybrid-cloud environments, and almost anything in between.


Have you got an application which requires hosting infrastructure, but you're not sure what the best approach is? Serversaurus can sit down with you and plan out a strategy. We'll also give it to you straight: If we're not confident we can provide a solution, we'll recommend someone who can.

Custom hybrid/Xen

Serversaurus hybrid cloud is a solution which mixes virtualisation and dedicated hardware. Within the Serversaurus cloud platform, we're able to offer custom solutions which include a unified dashboard which mix the speed of dedicated bare metal hardware and the benefits of virtualisation.

High-traffic websites

Serversaurus is experienced in building and deploying high-traffic websites across a range of platforms. We're able save customers money by scaling sites up for peak traffic, and scaling them back down during periods of lower activity - these kinds of solutions are ideal for festivals, campaigns and events.

Totally custom

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