Festival and high traffic solutions and infrastructure

Serversaurus architects and deploys infrastructure for prominent festivals and other cultural institutions that demand a high traffic and availability presence

Managed hosting for festivals, ticketing and campaigns

Serversaurus has a proven track record in architecting and deploying infrastructure for prominent festivals and cultural institutions, who demand a high availability presence during product launches, ticketing, TV coverage and other peak traffic scenarios.

Scale as necessary

Ticketing and festival websites often need to scale for predictable but difficult to handle traffic. As an example, a festival may be launching a large EDM to encourage ticket sales on its website – often sites are under-equipped to handle intense traffic periods, yet festival producers don’t have the budget to run a high traffic, high availability site all year ’round. Serversaurus excels in providing low cost hosting during off-peak periods while being able to scale immensely to meet traffic requirements.

Large or small events

You don’t need to be an international music event to have your website cave under load. Even small festivals who encourage visitors via EDMs or social posts, or are set to receive media coverage can easily miss opportunities because their website has been crippled from high traffic. Serversaurus can help small festivals with a range of pre-made solutions for handling traffic, while also developing custom environments for large events.

Focus on what you do best

Seversaurus infrastructure engineers let you focus on what you do best – UX, content and driving traffic to your web property, rather than worrying about servers, firewalls, backups and other bits of the infrastructure puzzle. Serversaurus takes the burden of worrying about the availability and performance of your site with 24/7 support, so you can focus on producing great events.

Load testing and monitoring

We perform a range of load tests across your sites to ensure we can meet the traffic requirements you require – through analysing your Google Analytics traffic and making educated assumptions on traffic troughs and spikes, we can test the upper limits of your expected traffic and beyond, to provide you with peace of mind. We also monitor the intricacies of your website with the ability to respond as required. For additional peace of mind, we can also have engineers on standby during launches and special events.

Do business with good people

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