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Website Performance Management

The majority of web developers & designers working today are designing and coding themes for common content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Silverstripe, Magento and others. Because of this abstraction from the actual 'engine' of the website (the CMS), performance and speed can often be an afterthought or not considered at all, with developers considering performance an issue to be resolved by the CMS or the web host. With decades of hosting experience, we can help.

Speed is money

A Ferrari with a 1963 VW engine, is equivalent to a beautifully designed custom website which takes minutes to load - it doesn't have to be this way. Serversaurus can analyse your site and pinpoint where the speed humps are, and either make recommendations, or work directly with your developer to speed things up.


In many cases, effective website caching is a key component in optimising site speed. We can analyse your website from both the front and backend to ensure it's caching correctly. If it isn't, we can make caching recommendations, or for high traffic sites, work with you & your developers on building external dedicated caching servers.

Deep analysis

Sometimes site performance becomes an elusive unicorn. From the outset, everything appears to have been correctly done - your developer has done everything right, the CMS is properly configured, and the server isn't breaking a sweat, but your site is still under performing... Serversaurus can look deep into the recesses of the application, server, kernel and associated processes using a suite of tools and decades of hosting experience.

Pre-build recommendations

If you're considering a new site build and performance is a key concern, we're happy to discuss and recommend platforms, build considerations and hosting recommendations before you engage a web designer. Get in touch.

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