Professional services to compliment your website hosting

G-Suite implementation. Website and email migration. WordPress management. Email security.

WordPress management

We are WordPress experts that speak your language

WordPress is a fantastic content management system used by 37% of the web. But WordPress websites need to be regularly maintained. If your WordPress site is neglected, it can be hacked, defaced or otherwise compromised, tarnishing your brand and giving you a major headache you don’t need.

Serversaurus offers complete WordPress management so you don’t have any of those worries, including free SSL Certificates, monitoring site security and removing vulnerabilities, performing website and database backups every four hours, and applying required updates to WordPress core, plugins and themes.

And you will have access to Serversaurus’ excellent email and and phone support within business hours.

Website hosting migration

We make the entire process simple and seamless

Migrating your website hosting can be a complicated process resulting in lengthy downtime. Many website hosting migrations are doomed to failure way before the new website is launched. A migration strategy must be built upon clear and realistic objectives in order to deliver success.

Luckily you have access to Serversaurus’ team of experts who have done more website hosting migrations than you’ve had hot dinners. We will coordinate the migration of your website hosting, making the entire process simple and seamless. We do all the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on what you do best – managing your business and taking care of your customers.

In the majority of cases, Serversaurus can migrate your website over to our servers free of charge.

Email security and deliverability

We can improve your domain reputation, email delivery reliability and outgoing mail security

Are your emails going to spam or being bounced by some recipient servers?

Do acronyms like SPF, DKIM and DMARC mean nothing to you, or give you a headache?

As businesses become more reliant on digital communications, ensuring email deliveries are successful, secure and reliable is critical to retain brand reputation and client trust. The Serversaurus Team has experts capable of analyzing your email environment to identify security risks and causes for poor delivery success.

To ensure the continuity of your email security we offer ongoing management and monitoring which employs Serversaurus engineers to monitor your domain’s email activity and ensure outgoing emails are always compliant with the configured security policies for your domain.

Email migration

We make the process simple and straightforward

The biggest challenges with email migration are the issues of interrupted service and lost data. The best way to tackle an email migration project is to partner with a professional company like Serversaurus to manage the project.

We’ll coordinate the migration of your email accounts, making the entire process simple and straightforward. We do all the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on what you do best. Serversaurus will save you stress, time and money – and with our expertise, we will lower your chances of lost data and interrupted service.

Contact us to have your questions answered and your email migrated to our green hosting.

Serversaurus is a G Suite Authorised Reseller

Let us manage the implementation of your G Suite solution

G Suite provides all the apps that a business requires wrapped up in one system that works seamlessly on computers, phones and tablets. As a cloud solution, G Suite offers a range of advantages for organisations, removing the need for infrastructure, providing increased and more streamlined security – and delivering the ability for employees to access company data, applications, and other resources from anywhere on any device.

G Suite is a great solution, but the transition and implementation can be difficult if you don’t have the skills or experience.

As a G Suite Authorised Reseller, Serversaurus can ensure the successful implementation of a G Suite solution that meets your specific needs. We provide a level of support, both during and after migration, which Google does not have the capacity to deliver. Ultimately, we enable you to focus your resources where they matter most – managing your business and taking care of your customers.