Introducing Serversaurus

Serversaurus drives a new approach to web hosting, which adapts to where you are in your online journey, with pricing and solutions that match where you’re at and grow as you do. Our Australian-based support listen to what you need, to calm and uplift your team while providing clever solutions and responsive results.

New online solutions happen fast on the web. Serversaurus are your experts who partner with you to react rapidly and caringly, to enhance your online presence with insightful architecture and solutions.

Let’s talk

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Progressive business

  • We’re proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated.
  • Happy employees streamline customers and operations. We’ve gone beyond Google’s 20% Time and have a 4 day work week for all employees (at a full-time salary).
  • Serversaurus contributes an extra 5.5% superannuation to female employees so we can do our part in addressing the gender gap in retirement savings.
  • In 2014, Serversaurus proudly became Australia’s first and only web host to become a certified B Corp. B Corporation is an accreditation for businesses that covers progressive operations across people, environment, technology – think of B Corp certification for business like Fair Trade certification for coffee.
  • We donate 1% of our Sales revenue to environmental causes, including Take 3 for the Sea, Friends of the Earth, and others. What’s your business doing to help save the planet?
  • Serversaurus has been fully carbon-neutral since 2007. Partnering with Greenfleet to plant trees to offset all our emissions: servers, transport, electricity, and more!

Led by a kind team of technical experts

We believe there’s always a calm and clever way to do things. It’s at our core. And it’s what drives us to be better, every single day.


All of our infrastructure is fully carbon offset, meaning the many tons of CO2 that is generated during power generation to keep Serversaurus running, has been offset by planting over one hundred trees per year. Serversaurus also donates 1% of its profits to One Percent for the Planet, a non-profit organisation rallying businesses to donate 1% of their revenue to environmental protection. Serversaurus is also housed in an environmentally aware coworking space Electron Workshop (of our own construction).


B Corporation

In 2014, Serversaurus proudly became Australia’s first and only web host to become a certified B Corporation, and one of the founding Australia & New Zealand B Corporations. B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency – in a nutshell, B Corp certification is to sustainable business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee. You can learn more about B Corps at


Our Infrastructure & Network

We offer a complete range of cloud technologies from shared hosting, CDN (content delivery), virtualisation, load balancing, caching and Anycast DNS. Our DDoS protected infrastructure is connected to the AS38880 network, which is currently ranked #1 out of 2100 competing networks within Australia. Our Melbourne infrastructure resides within Australia’s only tier 4 datacentre.

Serversaurus provides fully guaranteed resources within our elastic virtual machine infrastructure. Our latest v2 cloud is powered by a distributed block storage architecture, built on arrays of high speed SSDs which are striped across multiple hosts for speed and reliability.

Our Brocade & Juniper powered redundant core network and multiple concurrently connected carriers, ensures there is no single point of failure within our transit, management & storage layer. Unlike other providers, the entire Serversaurus transit network is connected to extensive DDoS mitigation equipment which enables our network never to be flooded or oversaturated.

Serversaurus resides within a PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant Facility, featuring:

  • Combination of both Cisco and Juniper Routers, Switches and Firewalls configured in 2N across the entire Network
  • 2N onsite permanent Cummins diesel generators for A, B and C circuit power
  • Force10 48 port managed switches, dual fibre uplinked network core
  • Emerson Extreme Density independent top-of-rack cooling
  • AS ISO 15420 compliant building
  • Fully redundant VESDA detection and ProInert (IG-55) Fire Suppression System
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Multiple Redundant Air-Conditioners
  • Multiple Redundant UPS Systems

Our office

In need of additional office space, Serversaurus decided to build the ultimate office, and share it – thus the Electron Workshop coworking space was built – a stunning 1920’s warehouse conversion of the old Bulla Cream automotive workshop. Located in North Melbourne, the building has been creatively converted into a digital workspace over a period of nine months. The space features 100% carbon offset electricity, energy efficient heating and cooling, and fun customisations such as a Space Invaders & Mario themed shower and kitchen (32,000 tiles!). Learn more about Electron Workshop.