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Our managed cloud services offer tailored solutions for websites requiring peak performance, custom software or application requirements

Iconic Australian brands trust us with their custom cloud hosting solutions

Our managed cloud solutions have provided years of extreme reliability to the Australian Formula One Grand Prix and Moto GP, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Stereosonic, CareSuper, the Australian Ballet, Sovereign Hill, LaunchVic, Libra, the National Heart Foundation, the Royal Women’s Hospital, Indigenous Business Australia, VicScreen (formerly Film Victoria), the National Gallery of Australia, Queensland Theatre and the Melbourne and Sydney Symphony Orchestras.

What our clients say

The hosting is fantastic, but what really stands out is Serversaurus' remarkable, clear, responsive, and extremely friendly service from the team. Serversaurus just makes your life happier!

Julien Leyre

Marco Polo Project

Serversaurus offers a fantastic service; fast response to inquiries, expert advice, and as a B-Corp they’re committed to using their business as a force for good. This is the combination every business should strive to attain.

Jeremy Metzler


The Serversaurus team is amazing. They have always been fast to respond and consistently accommodating. We couldn't recommend their services more.

Jamie Judges

Seesaw Studio

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We specialise in delivering premium, tailour-made managed cloud solutions

As custom managed cloud hosting experts, we can customise a solution that perfectly fits your specific requirements

  • Custom infrastructure design
  • Ideal for high-traffic websites
  • Scalable solutions
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 100% carbon neutral
  • Optimum performance
  • Australian Tier IV data centres
  • Quality Australian support
  • 99.995% uptime
  • DDoS protection
  • Self-healing, auto-scaling, SSD storage
  • Designed on a clustered cloud platform
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Multiple daily backups

Custom infrastructure design

If your organisation has a web application requiring custom hosting infrastructure, Serversaurus will collaborate with you, plan a strategy, and deliver and manage the infrastructure.

Ideal for high-traffic websites

Serversaurus is experienced in building and deploying custom solutions to support high-traffic websites across a range of platforms which are ideal for festivals, campaigns and events. Our engineers are on standby during anticipated peak traffic periods, such as season launches and special events.

Scalable solutions

Our custom solutions are completely scalable, so the server resources can be scaled with your website's growth. We support on and off-peak modes for sites needing to scale up for periods of high traffic, such as events or marketing activities which drive higher traffic volumes to your website.

24/7 monitoring

Our managed cloud solutions include 24/7 advanced monitoring of availability and performance, security, load testing and network monitoring. We take care of your servers, firewalls, backups and infrastructure.

Green and eco-friendly

Our infrastructure is 100% carbon neutral and we offset the energy used by all cloud solutions, making our infrastructure completely carbon neutral and environmentally positive.

Optimum performance

Your applications receives more than just the fastest response times with our managed cloud solutions. We provide specialised advice to ensure the server and application is optimised to provide the best possible performance.

Aussie Tier IV data centres

Serversaurus is proudly Australian owned and operated with all our infrastructure hosted in Tier IV datacentres in Melbourne and Brisbane. Your data will only be stored on servers located in Australia. That’s a guarantee.

Quality Australian support

Our Australian support listen to your needs, delivering innovative solutions and responsive results. We calm and uplift your team and we’re here with the help and advice whenever you need it.

99.995% uptime

As a Tier IV hosting provider, our average uptime exceeds 99.995% ensuring your managed cloud solution is always up and running.

DDoS protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection is a critical component of our security framework which maintains the availability and reliability of your business’s hosting.

Self-healing, auto-scaling, SSD storage

By integrating self-healing, auto-scaling and SSD storage, our cloud infrastructure offers reliability, scalability, and performance for critical applications that require high availability, fast response times, and the ability to handle sudden spikes in traffic.

Designed on a clustered cloud platform

Rather than relying on a single server, our cloud hosting environment is designed around a cluster of servers working together which results in high availability, scalability and reliability.

Free SSL certificates

Free SSL certificates with every managed cloud solution ensures your application is secure and authenticated with encrypted connections, enhancing both user trust and application security.

Multiple daily backups

Automated backups of all application files and databases provide instant access and recovery in the event of data loss or corruption, ensuring your application remains secure and operational at all times.

Frequently asked questions about our managed cloud solution

What is a managed cloud solution?

Rather than a predetermined server build, our dedicated managed cloud solutions allow for full flexibility to customise software, resources, configurations and security. Each managed cloud solution is completely scalable, allowing support for on and off peak web traffic and ongoing website growth. Our managed services team who continuously monitor server and network performance ensuring reliability and performance alongside our security team who will take the stress out of server security by providing world class advice and ongoing security enhancements.

What applications are managed cloud solution best suited for?

A high availability, dedicated, managed cloud solution is the perfect solution for a website which has outgrown shared web hosting. Our managed cloud solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of the most demanding web applications and are perfect for organisations with specific internal security policies, peak performance requirements, or having custom software or application requirements.

Why should I trust Serversaurus with my managed cloud solution?

With our self-owned and self-managed high performance cloud platform and decades of web hosting experience, Serversaurus is uniquely placed to design, build and maintain specialised website hosting for demanding and mission-critical web applications that require high availability. We offer a complete range of cloud technologies, including fully elastic virtualisation, content delivery network, load balancing, caching and distributed anycast DNS. Our network is protected from Denial of Service attacks and our Melbourne and Brisbane infrastructure resides within Tier IV datacentres, providing the highest level of security, redundancy and reliability.

What technology stack does Serversaurus offer for its managed cloud solutions?

We offer a complete range of cloud technologies, including fully elastic virtualisation, content delivery network, load balancing, caching and distributed Anycast DNS.

What is considered to be a high traffic website?

High traffic is when you’re expecting an extremely large number of concurrent visitors to your site. High traffic depends on the number of visitors you expect at the same time. Expecting 10,000 visitors over a 24 hour period is not necessarily high traffic, but 10,000 visitors in a 15 minute period is high traffic. High traffic performance depends on whether your webpages have static or dynamic content: a visitor reading a blog post requires less resources than a visitor transacting with an e-commerce store.

Why are managed cloud solutions priced on application?

Our high availability dedicated, managed cloud solutions and infrastructure are custom designed and deployed to meet each client’s specific needs. Managed cloud solutions are priced on application due to the customised nature of the service to meet the specific needs and scalability requirements of each client.

Why is a green managed cloud solution important?

If the internet was a country, it would be the world’s 6th largest polluter! You automatically help the environment just by choosing Serversaurus' managed cloud solutions. Serversaurus is proudly a green and ethical web host provider, making your website 100% carbon neutral.