Responsible Disclosure

Protecting customer data is our highest priority


As a hosting provider, security is a critical part of our operations. Protecting customer data is our highest priority.

Responsible Disclosure

If, in using our services, you happen to come across a bug or issue that you believe may impact the security of your own or another client’s services, or the platform as a whole, we request that you email any details immediately to

If your report relates to our Client Portal, DO NOT report it to us. Our Client Portal uses commercial software from WHMCS, and we have no access to the source code. You should report any security issues directly to them via their Bounty Program.

If possible, we ask you to encrypt your submission with our PGP key (fingerprint).


We will endeavour to evaluate and address any issues as soon as possible, but we request that you provide us with reasonable opportunity to perform any required work before informing any other parties, as we may be required to coordinate with vendors and other third parties.