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Frequently asked questions about .au domain name registration

What is the .au domain name?

An .au domain name shows that you’re a local Australian business or individual.

If you are already .au domain registrant, to protect your brand name, you can register your equivalent .au domain, even if you’re not using it. If you don’t register the equivalent .au domain, then the domain is available to any member of the public.

A .au domain name is the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Australia. It is managed by .au Domain Administration (auDA), and it is generally used by individuals, businesses, and organisations connected to Australia.

When you choose a .au domain, you're aligning your digital presence with Australia's proud and globally-recognised digital landscape. It signifies your connection to the Australian community, whether you are a business based in Australia or are an Australian citizen/resident.

Why register a .au domain name?

  1. Recognition
    The .au domain is a recognised domain extension worldwide.
  2. SEO Benefits
    Google and other search engines favour local TLDs for location-specific searches. By having a .au domain, you can boost your websites visibility for your Australian audience.
  3. Availability
    With the .au domain still growing, it's likely you'll find the domain name you want is available, giving you the chance to secure a short, memorable, and impactful domain name.
  4. Business credibility
    By choosing a .au domain, you're signalling to your clients that you're committed to the Australian market, enhancing local trust and credibility.

Who is eligible to register a .au domain name?

You must have an Australian presence to register a .au domain name, which includes being a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or being an organisation registered in Australia. An Australian presence is defined as per Section 1.4 of the .au licensing rules.

Each type of .au domain name has a specific purpose and additional rules about who can register it. For example:

  • Only registered commercial entities can use and
  • Australian non-commercial organisations involved in arts, charities, recreation, sports, education, religion and health can use

The full list of domain name requirements can be found in the .au licensing rules.

What else can I do with a .au domain name?

  1. Enhance brand presence
    Use your .au domain to establish a professional email address that aligns with your brand.
  2. Create a blog or personal website
    Share your personal journey or blog about your interests and experiences using an .au domain.
  3. Set up an online store
    A .au domain is an excellent choice for setting up an online store, appealing directly to the Australian market.
  4. Develop local communities
    .au domains can be used to create a platform for local communities, non-profit organisations, or interest groups, fostering connections and sharing valuable information.

What happens if my .au domain name expires?

We send regular reminders leading up to a domain expiry, however on the unlikely case your domain expires or if you intend to allow your domain registration to lapse, then the domain registration goes through a series of statuses, before being deleted from the register. The domain will then be available for public registration.

  • The first status is called serverUpdateProhibited or serverHold which lasts for 30 days. During this time you can renew your domain without incurring a penalty.
  • The domain status will then change from Expired to Pending Delete for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Finally, the domain name is deleted from the .au registry and is available for registration by any eligible party.

Can I cancel and refund my .au domain registration if I made a mistake?

For registrations in the namespace there is a cooling off period of 72 hours which allows you to cancel and refund your domain registration, for example if you make a typing error during the registration process. Once the cooling off period is complete, domain registrations are not refundable.

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