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Australian web hosting for high-traffic applications, backed by quality local support for your peace of mind

What our clients say

The Serversaurus team is amazing. They have always been fast to respond and consistently accommodating. We couldn't recommend their services more.

Jamie Judges

Seesaw Studio

After performing exhaustive optimisations in-house, our site's poor performance continued to impact our business. Serversaurus' WordPress expertise delivered us a 50% performance improvement which we would not have achieved ourselves.

Carolyn Trickett

Australian Music Teachers Register

Standard features across all our high-performance hosting plans

No lock-in contracts. No hidden costs. No surprises.

  • Low resource contention and ultra-fast speed
  • Dedicated server resources
  • 1 x Production site
  • 1 x Staging site
  • Free month with annual signup
  • Free SSL certificates
  • cPanel management
  • Australian Tier IV data centres
  • 99.995% uptime
  • Backups every 4 hours
  • Free migration
  • Free DDOS protection
  • Free premium DNS
  • Unlimited traffic
  • LiteSpeed™ on SSD
  • Node.js enabled
  • SSH Access
  • 100% carbon neutral
  • Quality Australian support

Ultra-fast speed

Our high-performance servers are restricted to 10 accounts each with only necessary services running, ensuring low resource contention and ultra-fast speed.

Australian hosting

Data storage, security and sovereignty laws are important considerations facing businesses and organisations. Serversaurus is proudly Australian owned and operated. Your website data will only be stored on servers located in Australia.

Unbeatable uptime

As a Tier IV hosting provider, our average uptime exceeds 99.995% ensuring your high-performance website is always up and running.

Free SSL certificates

Free SSL certificates with every hosting package ensures your website and communications are secure and authenticated with encrypted connections, enhancing both user trust and website security.

Backups every 4 hours

Automated 4-hourly backups of all web files and databases provide instant access and recovery in the event of data loss or corruption, ensuring your website remains secure and operational at all times.

Unlimited bandwidth

All plans come with unlimited bandwidth so your website traffic can increase with with no extra costs.

cPanel management

cPanel hosting provides a reliable and intuitive server and site management platform so you can manage your website, domains, security and files.

LiteSpeed™ on SSD

Our Litespeed web servers are hosted on SSD storage, providing instant data transfer for all our web hosting plans resulting in lightning-fast loading times and superior performance.

Free DDoS protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection is a critical component of our security framework which maintains the availability and reliability of your business’s hosting.

Cloudlinux™ scalability

Experience unparalleled stability, performance, security and efficiency with our CloudLinux powered servers, ensuring your website is isolated and allocated its own server resources.

SSH access

SSH access provides developers and system administrators higher levels of control over their web hosting environment, and enhanced access and security for advanced maintenance, application deployment, or detailed server configuration.

Node.js enabled

For scalable, server-side applications requiring high throughput, our premium web hosting enables you to build, run and manage applications developed in Node.js.

Green and eco-friendly

The internet has a huge environmental impact and massively contributes towards climate change. Our infrastructure is 100% carbon neutral – we offset the energy used by your website.

Quality Australian support

Our Australian support listen to your needs, delivering innovative solutions and responsive results. We calm and uplift your team and we’re here with the help and advice whenever you need it.

Scalable hosting solutions

Our hosting solutions are scalable and adaptable with your online journey. We provide everything from a range of professional web services to high-performance hosting and managed cloud solutions, as well as NextCloud and Google Workspace hosting.

WordPress hosting & expertise

Our high-performance web hosting is the perfect fit for WordPress sites that require additional power, where our team of WordPress experts can help you migrate, manage and optimise your WordPress website.

Frequently asked questions about high-performance hosting

Is high-performance web hosting shared?

Our high-performance web hosting is shared, but our servers are restricted to 10 accounts each running in a secure and private environment with only necessary services running, ensuring low resource contention and ultra-fast speed.

  • Our shared high-performance hosting runs on the Cloudlinux™ operating system, providing unparalleled stability, performance, security and efficiency.
  • This ensures your website is isolated and allocated its own server resources, preventing other websites on the server impacting your site's performance.

Who is high-performance web hosting best suited for?

High-performance web hosting is ideal for demanding and high-traffic applications that require premium speed, efficiency and reliability.

What if I outgrow my high-performance web hosting plan?

Our high-performance web hosting can be instantly scaled to adapt with your growth. If you outgrow your high-performance hosting plan, no problem! You can simply upgrade to a higher plan. We have plans to suit every requirement.

Can I cancel my high-performance web hosting if I'm not happy?

Our high-performance web hosting comes with no lock-in contracts. So, you can cancel your web hosting at any time if you’re not delighted with our hosting or customer service.

Why is green web hosting important?

If the internet was a country, it would be the world’s 6th largest polluter! You automatically help the environment just by choosing Serversaurus web hosting. Serversaurus is proudly a green and ethical web host provider, making your website 100% carbon neutral.

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