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Premium web hosting that's seriously fast

Serversaurus' hosting is fast

By hosting with Serversaurus your web performance is accelerated

Our focus is delivering premium hosting services designed for optimum performance. Our premium web hosting is powered by enterprise grade infrastructure and we continuously improve our infrastructure and processes to stay at the forefront of international security and technology standards.

  • All servers are hosted on SSD storage providing instant data transfer.
  • With our years of industry expertise we've developed our server builds with only the best software and configurations for excelled performance.
  • Our hosting services have resource limits tailored to accomodate every website.
  • By hosting your website on our Australian servers, you provide your website visitors the fastest possible connection speeds.

Web and email hosting that's reliable

Serversaurus' hosting is reliable

By hosting with Serversaurus your website is available around the clock

We offer unbeatable uptime which is guaranteed by our average uptime exceeding 99.995%. Our self-owned infrastructure is monitored 24/7 using advanced monitoring systems, which provide our engineers full visibility of server and network performance across our entire infrastructure. Our cloud system is backed by hyperconverged storage, with copies of all data kept in sync on separate servers, providing instant recovery. And if you ever need assistance, our friendly support team provides genuine and reliable advice to help you find the best solution.

  • Advanced 24/7 monitoring managed by our local engineers.
  • Uptime you cannot beat! Our uptime is and will always be guaranteed.
  • Support your can rely on, contact our local support team directly over phone, email and live chat support.
  • Self-healing infrastructure with instant recovery.

Web and email hosting that's secure

Serversaurus' hosting is secure

By hosting with Serversaurus your website is in safe hands

Our infrastructure is hosted in Tier IV Certified data centres in Melbourne and Brisbane with 24/7 DDoS protection. We continuously review the security of our servers and processes to stay ahead of the latest global security standards. Our in house expertise can also advise you the best security practises to maintain your website security.

  • Tier IV data centres are built to be completely fault tolerant and have redundancy for every component.
  • We provide free SSL certificates for all websites hosted by Serversaurus.
  • System security is regularly reviewed to ensure the highest security standards are maintained.
  • Our WordPress Management service keeps your site safe and secure.

Web and email hosting that's green

Serversaurus' hosting is green

By hosting with Serversaurus you help our planet

The internet is powered by the energy equivalent of the electricity consumption of the United Kingdom! As the internet grows, so does the need for more servers which are powered and cooled in controlled environments. This energy consumption accounts for over 3% of global carbon emissions.

This is why choosing green web and email hosting is important.

Are you hosting green with us? Green web hosting checker

By hosting with us, you're doing business with good people

Our hosting is green and we're an ethical company

Serversaurus is a Certified B Corp, donating 1% of our turnover to environmental charities and partnering with Greenfleet to plant trees to offset all emissions of our servers, transport and electricity. Serversaurus is dedicated to the principles of social responsibility. We support efforts to eliminate inequity, and to promote inclusiveness and diversity.

Hosting that evolves with your online journey

No lock-in contracts. No hidden costs. No surprises.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Shared & Dedicated hosting?

Shared hosting runs on a large server which hosts multiple client accounts. Our shared hosting isolates each client account in a separate private, secure environment, which partitions, allocates, and limits server resources, like memory, CPU, and connections. Shared hosting has a predefined software and configuration set, ensuring a stable and reliable environment for all hosted clients.

Dedicated hosting runs on a private dedicated server, or server cluster, which has been designed specifically to meet the website requirements. The dedicated hosting servers provide the ultimate in flexibility, both in terms of resources which can be scaled up and down as needed, and software installed, which is determined by the needs of the customer and their chosen developers. Dedicated hosting can meet the needs of the most demanding web applications.

Does your hosting come with cPanel?

All of our shared hosting services are running cPanel. cPanel provides the most reliable and intuitive server and site management platform.

Is your hosting Australia based?

Yes, our infrastructure is hosted in Tier IV Certified data centres in Melbourne and Brisbane, ensuring your website gives the fastest response time.

Can I upgrade my account if I need to?

We have upgrade options available for all hosting services so you can scale up as your business grows. Shared hosting can be instantly upgraded via our Client Portal, Dedicated hosting can be scaled on request.

Do I need to transfer my domain to you?

There’s no requirement for your domain to be transferred to Serversaurus, although you may find managing all your services in one place more convenient. We offer very competitive pricing for over 200 domain extensions.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees or fixed contracts. All of our pricing is GST inclusive. We also include SSL certificates for all our services for no additional cost.

Any questions? We're here to help.

We offer expert advice and legendary support because we know you need to trust the people behind your online presence.

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