Pioneers of ethical, 100% carbon neutral web hosting in Australia.

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Our core values and philosophy are based on freedom, fairness and fun

Our values and philosophy make us a company that people love to work with and for

Our values and philosophy benefit our team, our company and our clients. Our team love working for us and with one another. Our team retention rate has been 100% for years! We benefit because we don't have to recruit, onboard and train new team members and our clients benefit because their relationship with our business is consistent, from the very first interaction through to ongoing support.


Freedom means empowering our team to work autonomously. Our team is free from micro-management, we have an atmosphere of collaboration, seeking each other's help and learning from one another.


Fairness permeates all that we do – in our dealings with our clients, how we treat each other, and in the decisions that we make as a company. We are fair to our environment through our green, eco-friendly and carbon neutral initiatives.


We spend a huge proportion of our life at work so it needs to be fun. Life’s too short to be serious all the time! By having fun and enjoying what we do makes us creative, innovative and successful. We like our clients to have fun too.

Serversaurus drives a green approach to hosting and cloud solutions

Serversaurus provides green and ethical Australian web hosting and managed cloud solutions

We strive to make our business a force for good. One of the ways we achieve this is by offsetting the emissions generated in powering our Australian premium hosting infrastructure and operations. This makes our business carbon neutral. We also achieve this by:

  • Donating 1% of our sales revenue to environmental causes, including Take 3 for the Sea, Friends of the Earth, The Crossing Land, and others.
  • Proudly being Australia’s first and only web host to be a certified B Corporation, and being one of the founding Australia and New Zealand B Corporations.
  • We're proudly a member of The Green Web Foundation, working towards making the internet run entirely on renewable energy.
  • Ensuring our data center hardware and software is optimized for energy efficiency.

Serversaurus provides flexible and innovative web solutions that adapt with your online journey

Serversaurus drives a different approach to green web and email hosting and cloud solutions. Our approach adapts with your online journey, with pricing and solutions that match your needs.

New online solutions happen fast on the web. Serversaurus engineers react rapidly and with understanding. We can enhance your online presence with insightful solutions and excellent performance.

Our Australian support listen to what you need, to calm and uplift your team while providing clever solutions and responsive results. We believe there's always a calm and innovative way to do things. It's at our core. We have decades of experience with web and email hosting and cloud solutions.

We're proud to be fully Australian owned and operated with all our staff and operations based in Australia.

We demonstrate our commitment to being good and ethical through real and tangible actions

By doing business with Serversaurus, you're really doing business with good people

B Corp certified

B Corporations are certified by the not-for-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental justice and accountability. In 2014, Serversaurus proudly became Australia’s first and only web host to become a Certified B Corporation, and one of the founding Australia and New Zealand B Corporations.

Social responsibility

Serversaurus is dedicated to the principles of social responsibility. We support efforts to eliminate inequity, and to promote inclusiveness and diversity. We have a four day work week at full-time salary. We contribute an extra 5.5% superannuation to female employees to do our part in addressing the gender gap in retirement savings.


Serversaurus has been fully carbon-neutral since 2007. Partnering with Greenfleet to plant trees to offset all our emissions through our servers, electricity, and more! Through 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our sales revenue to environmental causes. And we're proud members of The Green Web Foundation, working towards making the internet run entirely on renewable energy.