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Frequently asked questions about domain name registration

What is the domain name?

Are you offering a product or service Australians will love? Market your brand with the domain name and tell Australians you're local. If you’re starting up a business or website, register the ideal domain name that reflects your business or identity.

You can register a domain, to have your own internet presence, including professional email and website. For example, for your podcast, event or promotion, community organisation, or a personal project you're establishing.

Why register domain names?

If you’ve established your brand and want to project an authoritative Australian presence, then leverage trust and authority by registering a domain name.

  • An Australian presence
    If your business promotes a local service or cause, having a domain name shows customers you’re accessible and a local business. Research has shown that Australian web site visitors feel safer when transacting online with businesses that use a domain name. All domain name registrations are regulated by auDA and are required to meet strict policy guidelines to ensure only active registered businesses can operate using a domain name.
  • SEO Benefits
    Google and other search engines favour local domain names in location-specific searches. This means that a domain can boost your visibility to people searching the web from within Australia.
  • Recognition and trust
    Australian consumers are more likely to recognise a domain name as Australian and more inclined to trust the brand it represents. It is familiar, as it is seen in advertisements and branding campaigns by many well-known businesses.

What else can I do with a domain name?

Protect your brand by registering other Australian domain names similar to your brand to prevent imitators, competitors or domain name resellers. Keep in mind, depending on the type of domain, you may be required to meet criteria as defined by .au Domain Administration at

What happens if my domain name expires?

We send regular reminders leading up to a domain expiry, however on the unlikely case your domain expires or if you intend to allow your domain registration to lapse, then the domain registration goes through a series of statuses, before being deleted from the register. The domain will then be available for public registration.

  • The first status is called serverUpdateProhibited or serverHold which lasts for 30 days. During this time you can renew your domain without incurring a penalty.
  • The domain status will then change from Expired to Pending Delete for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Finally, the domain name is deleted from the .au registry and is available for registration by any eligible party.

Can I cancel and refund my domain registration if I made a mistake?

For registrations in the namespace there is a cooling off period of 72 hours which allows you to cancel and refund your domain registration, for example if you make a typing error during the registration process. Once the cooling off period is complete, domain registrations are not refundable.

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