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Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Servers from Serversaurus are premium, industrial-grade elastic cloud machines, optionally coupled with our Anycast DNS, and global Content Delivery Network services. The Serversaurus cloud platform sits within a unified dashboard, based right here in Melbourne, Australia, and offers unprecedented scalability, speed, and reliability.

All Serversaurus cloud services come with standard management, providing phone support, consultation with dedicated engineers, external monitoring, first-look diagnosis, patching and incident response backed by our SLA.

The Serversaurus cloud is built for digital agencies, web development shops and high-profile brands who demand the highest level of durability and management. All Serversaurus services are backed by premium Australian infrastructure & our legendary Melbourne based support and engineering team.

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Cost Calculator

Serversaurus Cloud Servers are priced entirely on how much you use. We charge an initial $1 setup fee to capture your payment details, after which you're able to immediately begin deploying infrastructure.

The calculator below gives you the opportunity to estimate how much your monthly spend may be, depending on what, and how much you deploy.


The Serversaurus Cloud dashboard gives you flexible and transparent scaling options for your virtual infrastructure. Easily start, stop and scale with easy to use sliders.

Keep all your infrastructure and services within one unified place. Manage your DNS, Content Delivery Network and Cloud Servers simply and easily.

Powerful tools including our API, allowing you to programmatically access your virtual infrastructure. Full GUI firewall management, providing an easy interface to securing your cloud servers, along with complete out of band console access in case you're unable to access your machines via the web.

Our template library contains a myriad of Linux and Windows based machine images, ready for instant deployment. Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, CloudLinux and Windows 2008 Server are all readily available.

Free backups enable you to take complete virtual machine snapshots, which you can schedule to be taken daily, weekly and monthly. These snapshots are easily restored with a single click.

Dashboard Overview
Self Management

Self-manage your virtual infrastructure, and only pay for what you use.

Single-Click Elasticity

Easily and dynamically scale your virtual infrastructure up and down as required.

Simple Backup

Easy backup automation and one-click restore

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