Australian dedicated email hosting with all the features that matter

Our Australian email hosting for businesses offers enhanced security, features, scalability, reliability and flexibility

Standard features of our email hosting

Our plans offer dedicated, enterprise-grade email hosting

  • Unlimited email bandwidth
  • Axigen premium webmail interface
  • IMAP, POP3 and SMTP for seamless access
  • SpamExperts for spam and virus protection
  • Enhanced SPF and DKIM authentication
  • Email redundancy via multiple MX servers
  • Cloud SSD storage for lightning-fast access
  • CardDAV & CalDAV for contacts and calendars

Aussie Tier IV data centres

As an Australian Tier IV web hosting provider, all website data is stored on servers located in Australia. So hosting with us means your Australian data sovereignty is taken care of.

Unlimited email bandwidth

All plans comes with unlimited email bandwidth so you receive all the email you get with no nasty surprise costs.

Daily backups included

Daily backups of all emails provide instant access and recovery in the event of data loss or corruption, ensuring your email remains secure and operational at all times.

Axigen webmail interface

Axigen's premium webmail interface offers a feature-rich email experience with advanced functionality for professional communication.

IMAP, POP3 and SMTP email access

Versatile IMAP, POP3, and SMTP email access offers seamless synchronisation across devices, flexible message retrieval and reliable sending capabilities.

SpamExperts spam & virus protection

SpamExperts offers cutting-edge email filtering solutions that protect your inbox from spam and viruses, ensuring a safe email experience.

Enhanced SPF and DKIM authentication

Our enhanced SPF and DKIM authentication services ensure your emails always reach the intended inbox, not the spam folder.

Full redundancy via multiple MX servers

Full redundancy through the deployment of multiple MX servers ensures uninterrupted email delivery and safeguards against single points of failure.

Cloud SSD storage

Our Cloud SSD storage ensures lightning-fast access and unparalleled reliability for your communications.

CardDAV and CalDAV

CardDAV and CalDAV enable seamless synchronisation of contact information and calendars across multiple devices.

Frequently asked questions about email hosting

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is a service offered by hosting providers that store, manage and send and receive your email.

Some providers offer free email hosting services. However, businesses should opt for the customisation and robustness of premium email hosting to ensure a secure, reliable, and professional appearance.

Can I host my email on my own servers?

It's possible to host your email on your own servers. But managing an email server is challenging due to the system configuration expertise required, including server maintenance, security protocols, data storage, spam filtering, and backup solutions.

Due to the complexities and ongoing maintenance required, self-hosting of email is only recommended for businesses with specialised IT staff and the resources required to manage and secure their email servers effectively.

What is dedicated email hosting?

Dedicated email hosting is a standalone, built for purpose email service which is billed per user, to store and manage your business email.

This dedicated email service comes with many benefits, including enhanced support, privacy, accessibility and data sovereignty.

Can I upgrade my email hosting?

Yes, you can upgrade your email hosting at any time.

Do I need to register a domain name for my email hosting?

If you want a personalised domain for your email, for example joan.smith@yourdomain, you need to register the domain yourdomain. You can register a domain when you sign up for email hosting.

If you don't require a personalised domain for your email, we offer an option which allows you to manage an email address with our domain, for example

Why is Australian email hosting important?

Hosting your email data locally offers many benefits for Australian businesses, particularly with regards to data sovereignty. By retaining email data within Australia, businesses can adhere to Australian regulations governing data protection and privacy.

Additionally, local Australian email hosting provides superior performance in terms of speed and latency, engenders customer confidence, and serves as a safeguard for business continuity.

What is IMAP and POP3 and what is the difference?

IMAP and POP3 are different email protocols used for retrieving emails from email servers. If you're using an email client like Mac Mail or Microsoft Outlook, you can configure the email client with either IMAP or POP3 to receive emails on a computer or mobile device.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) downloads emails from your inbox folder on the email server which makes POP3 not always compatible with multiple connecting devices. Once one of your computers or devices retrieves an email from the email server, the email is removed from the mail server, and the other computer will not be able to retrieve the email.

On the other hand, IMAP (Internet message access protocol) synchronises your email folders and allows you to view your email from multiple devices. For example, if you read an email on one device, the email will automatically be marked as read on your other devices.

Can I move my email from my existing provider?

Migrating your email from your existing provider to Serversaurus is not a problem!

As part of our email hosting service, we provide email migrations for a fee of $45. Once your dedicated business email hosting service has been activated with Serversaurus, our team of experts can arrange your email migration upon request.

What is the benefit of green email hosting?

The energy consumption of email hosting contributes to environmental pollution mainly through its energy-intensive data centres, which require constant electricity to run servers and cooling systems. Serversaurus' email hosting is 100% carbon neutral as we offset the energy used by our infrastructure.

So, when choosing Serversaurus as your email hosting company, you automatically help the environment by making your business' email hosting green and carbon neutral.

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