Australia Day: changing the date at Serversaurus

We love Australia and want to celebrate everything that's great about it. Just not on January 26th.

As we approach January 26th, we reflect on the meaning behind Australia Day and what it represents.

Australia Day is a day for our country to reflect on our achievements and to be proud of our country. There are many parts of Australia ​​that we are so proud of, and we would love to celebrate them united as a country.

January 26th was chosen as the date for Australia Day because it marks the arrival of the first British ships landing in what we now call New South Wales. For Indigenous Australians, this date represents the beginning of their dispossession and for many people, January 26th is a day of mourning and remembrance.

Let's make a change

Australia Day should be a day for us to unite and celebrate this wonderful country that we are so fortunate to live in. But January 26th doesn't represent an aspect of our history that we should celebrate.

Let’s celebrate Australia Day on a day that is inclusive for all Australians to enjoy.

Over the years, the Change The Date campaign has been gaining momentum but sometimes progress needs to be encouraged by individual actions instead of waiting for the Government to take the lead.

We're changing the date for ourselves!

Let’s celebrate Australia, on a different day!

Serversaurus is joining many other Australian Businesses and individuals in choosing to not celebrate Australia Day on January 26th, by offering our employees the option to have the public holiday on another day of their choice.

We've also joined Change It Ourselves to show our ongoing support for changing the date. If you’re interested in participating in changing the date but you’re not sure how, the Change It Ourselves website is a great resource which provides guidance on how you can change the date as an individual or as a business.

Last updated November 30, 2023