Performance boost for all website hosting plans

As part of our ongoing service improvements, we've been redesigning and improving the performance of our shared hosting solutions.

Increased resources, LiteSpeed and more!

As part of our ongoing service improvements, we’ve been redesigning and improving the performance of our shared hosting solutions, we hope you’re enjoying the difference!

Actions we’ve taken:

  • We’ve switched to LiteSpeed as our new standard for shared hosting servers, replacing Apache. LiteSpeed is renowned for its super fast processing which accelerates website performance.
  • If you have a WordPress website, you’ll automatically get access to LiteSpeed Cache, which can drastically increase your website performance. Plugins for LiteSpeed Cache are also available for other Content Management Systems, such as Craft, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and many more. If you’re interested in migrating to one of our LiteSpeed web servers, get in touch!
  • We’ve lowered the limit for the number of accounts on our Business and Performance hosting servers, to reduce contention for shared resources.
  • Our monitoring and alerting has been increased to help identify websites that are under-performing; we’ve been busy this past year helping our clients bring their websites up to speed!
  • We’ve applied a generous increase to the resource allowance for each subscription to assist and improve the performance of our clients websites, the new resource allowances are advertised on our website and have been automatically applied to existing client services.

We’re always looking at how we can improve our approach to web hosting and have more exciting changes in the pipeline for 2020! Keep an eye out for further updates and please get in touch if you have a feature request you’d like considered.

Last updated November 30, 2023