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Serversaurus delivers a complete range of green cloud technologies within Australia's only Tier IV datacentre

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Serversaurus' values and philosophy

Serversaurus was founded with the goal of creating the type of company people would love to work for.

Our core values and philosophy are based on Freedom, Fairness and Fun.

Freedom means giving our staff autonomy. Freedom to do their jobs in their own way. Freedom from micro-management. We are all adults and capable of making sensible decisions about our day-to-day work without a manager looking over our shoulder. Instead, we have an atmosphere of collaboration and seeking each other’s help.

Fairness permeates all that we do. In our dealings with our customers, how we treat each other, the decisions that we make as a company.

Fun is just as important as Freedom and Fairness. We spend a huge proportion of our life at work so it needs to be fun. Life’s too short to be serious all the time!

Serversaurus drives a different approach to green web hosting and cloud solutions

For our customers, Serversaurus drives a different approach to premium, green web hosting, which adapts to where you are in your online journey, with pricing and solutions that match where you’re at, and grow as you do. Our Australian-based support listen to what you need, to calm and uplift your team while providing clever solutions and responsive results.

New online solutions happen fast on the web. Serversaurus is your expert who partners with you to react rapidly and caringly, to enhance your online presence with insightful architecture and high performance managed cloud servers and solutions.

We believe there’s always a calm and innovative way to do things. It’s at our core. And it’s what drives us to be better, every single day. We collectively have decades of experience with web hosting and cloud solutions.

We’re proud to be fully Australian owned and operated with all our staff and operations based in Australia.

Proudly B Corp Certified

In 2014, Serversaurus proudly became Australia’s first and only web host to become a Certified B Corporation, and one of the founding Australia and New Zealand B Corporations.

B Corporations are certified by the not-for-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency – in a nutshell, B Corp Certification is an accreditation for businesses that covers progressive operations across people, environment, technology.

B Corp Certification is to sustainable business what Fair Trade Certification is to coffee.

Social responsibility

Serversaurus is dedicated to principles of social justice. We strive to support efforts decrease or eliminating inequity; to promote inclusiveness and diversity; and establish environments that are supportive of all people.

Happy employees streamline operations and make for happy customers. We have a four day working week for all employees, at a full-time salary. It’s the way of the future, and we’re already there. Serversaurus also contributes an extra 5.5% superannuation to female employees so we can do our part in addressing the gender gap in retirement savings.

Environmental responsibility

Datacentre power consumption accounts for over 3% of worldwide carbon emissions, which is projected to rise to 14% by 2040. Catastrophic climate change threatens the survival of our planet, so we must do everything within our power to stop and reverse the effects of our careless consumption and destruction of our atmosphere.

Serversaurus has been fully carbon-neutral since 2007. Partnering with Greenfleet to plant trees to offset all our emissions through our servers, transport, electricity, and more! We also donate 1% of our sales revenue to environmental causes, including Take 3 for the Sea, Friends of the Earth, The Crossing Land, and others.

Host your website with Serversaurus so your business can do its bit to help save the planet.

Do business with good people

Certified B Corp, donating 1% of our turnover to environmental charities and carbon offsetting our energy usage since 2007

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Socially responsible and environmentally friendly premium web hosting

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Serversaurus drives a different approach to web hosting and cloud solutions, which adapts to where you are in your online journey, with pricing and solutions that match where you’re at and grow as you do.

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