High performance managed cloud servers and solutions

Serversaurus provides 24/7 monitored and managed dedicated cloud servers and solutions within our own high performance infrastructure

Fully designed, managed and monitored cloud servers

We design, manage and monitor your infrastructure in the Serversaurus cloud

Premium, industrial-grade elastic cloud machines, optionally coupled with our Anycast DNS and global Content Delivery Network services

The Serversaurus cloud platform sits within a unified dashboard based in our datacentres in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia, offering unprecedented scalability, speed and reliability. Our Melbourne infrastructure operates within Australia’s only Tier 4 datacentre, certified by the Uptime Institute as the most secure, reliable and high-calibre commercial information technology facility in Australia.

What our clients say

"Serversaurus offers a fantastic service; fast response to inquiries, expert advice, and as a B-Corp, they’re committed to using their business as a force for good. This is the combination every business should strive to attain."

Jeremy Metzler
Founder & CEO, i=Change

We build highly scalable hosting infrastructure for high traffic web applications

Serversaurus has a proven track record in building out highly scalable hosting infrastructure for major Australian brands and organisations. We’re able to work with developers and agencies to help them scale out their applications for campaigns and high traffic events through a range of technologies and expertise.

Our complete cloud stack offers unparalleled performance, agility and reliability

Serversaurus operates and owns a complete cloud stack, with global Content Delivery, Anycast DNS, hot-scalable elastic virtual machines and a range of backup options. Through intimate knowledge of our own platform and direct access to the underlying infrastructure, we’re able to offer unparalleled performance, agility and reliability.

Built for campaigns and agencies that demand the highest level of durability and management

The Serversaurus managed cloud is built for digital agencies, web development shops and high-profile brands who demand the highest level of durability and management. All Serversaurus services are backed by premium Australian infrastructure & our legendary Melbourne based support and engineering team.

Pricing to meet your specific requirements

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Our premium, high performance cloud architecture is locally managed

High performance cloud servers within our private cloud infrastructure

Serversaurus has a proven track record in building highly scalable hosting infrastructure for major Australian brands and organisations.

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Application Servers that make it easy for you to host complete application stacks in the cloud

Deploy a range of dynamic applications in the cloud, with just a few clicks

With Serversaurus, you will not have to install applications manually after you create a virtual server – or spend time keeping your applications up to date!

With our application servers, you deploy a huge range of dynamic applications in your cloud, with just a few clicks. You save time managing and maintaining your applications, so that you can concentrate on your content or service.

Manage an entire application stack just like you'd manage a cloud server

Application Servers are a lot like virtual servers in our cloud platform – but with the ability to install, configure and manage one or more applications on top. You can manage your entire application stack just like you manage a cloud server:

  • Application Servers have their own CentOS template.
  • Applications are dynamic – no more manual installs and updates.
  • Application Servers are fully supported in our Cloud API.

Application Servers are created using the provisioning wizard, like regular cloud servers. Once created, you can choose which applications to install from the huge library available.

  • Applications are filtered by category with logos, features and screenshots for each app.
  • Each app has its own settings which are configured as part of the provisioning process – for example, its directory and database path.

A Content Distribution Network featuring 36 global and four Australian points of presence

Control both your spend and edge node selection, with ease

A Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a means for alleviating performance bottlenecks of the internet. A Content Distribution Network is a geographically distributed network of servers or Points of Presence (PoP) whose purpose is to provide high availability and performance by distributing the service spatially relative to end users.

Our Content Delivery Network is an Australian CDN with over 36 global and four Australian points of presence, all managed within a unified dashboard. The Serversaurus CDN has no fixed monthly costs, and you only pay for the data you use.

In addition, you can easily control both your spend and edge node selection by only using points of presence which match your geographic region of interest and budget.

Completely self-managed Content Distribution Network

Our Content Distribution Network is completely self-managed, enabling:

  • Transparent usage and billing, broken down by location
  • Link, stream and hotlink protection
  • Geoblocking support
  • Granular edge group selection

The Serversaurus CDN is a network service only. Specifics related to implementation and setup is client-specific . We do not provide CDN implementation support or advice. Our recommendation is sign up and test the platform to see whether it meets requirements.

Edge Accelerator delivers content optimization and distribution

Edge Accelerator is a unique content optimization and content delivery tool built into the OnApp cloud management platform.

Edge Accelerator optimizes web content and distributes it to our global CDN, automatically! Giving you up to a 100% speed improvement for your virtual machines, with no effort whatsoever.

With Edge Accelerator, you can give your virtual servers the performance benefits of CDN without any configuration or website re-coding needed. With a simple switch, Edge Accelerator optimizes and automatically distributes VM web content to 20 CDN locations across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Anycast DNS routing for the speedy delivery of website content

Anycast DNS is our globally distributed DNS service.

Anycast DNS enables one of many DNS servers to respond to DNS queries, and usually the one that is geographically closest provides the response. This reduces latency, improves up-time for the DNS resolving service, and provides protection against DNS flood DDoS attacks.

Serversaurus provides complete access to our fully redundant global Anycast DNS service, free of charge for all cloud and shared hosting customers. Serversaurus Anycast DNS is hosted at data centres around the world, allowing you to manage your DNS (A, CNAME, TXT, MX, etc), through our straightforward.

We design and build custom solutions for high traffic applications

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Serversaurus has a proven track record in building highly scalable hosting infrastructure for major Australian brands and organisations.

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Do business with the good people

Certified B Corp, donating 1% of our turnover to environmental charities and carbon offsetting our energy usage since 2007

Festival and high traffic solutions

We architect and deploy infrastructure for prominent festivals and other cultural institutions that demand a high traffic and availability presence.

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Digital agency partnerships

We partner with and provide hosting solutions for digital agencies to host, support, advise and manage critical campaigns, sites and applications.

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Professional cloud services

We offer custom hosting solutions, infrastructure design, consulting, deep application monitoring and optimisation, with almost anything in-between.

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