Socially responsible and environmentally friendly hosting

Web and email hosting that evolves with where you’re at in your online journey

Serversaurus delivers socially responsible and eco-friendly premium web and email hosting

We strive to make our business a force for good through our green hosting

Serversaurus is dedicated to providing socially responsible and environmentally friendly premium web and email hosting. We carbon-offset all of our carbon emissions. This is just one of the ways we strive to make our business a force for good through our green hosting. We also achieve this by:

  • Having a four day working week for all employees, at a full-time salary, as well as contributing an extra 5.5% superannuation to female employees so we can do our part in addressing the gender gap in retirement savings.
  • Offsetting all of our carbon emissions.
  • Donating 1% of our sales revenue to environmental causes, including Take 3 for the Sea, Friends of the Earth, The Crossing Land, and others.
  • Proudly being Australia’s first and only web host to be a certified B Corporation, and being one of the founding Australia and New Zealand B Corporations. A 20% discount on hosting is available for fellow B Corporations.
  • Ensuring our data center hardware and software is optimized for energy efficiency.
  • Supporting financially-constrained organizations serving underserved communities, by providing significant discounts.

Serversaurus carries out eco-friendly initiatives to mitigate the impact that our hosting has on the environment

Choose eco-friendly hosting to lower the carbon footprint generated by the large amount of energy required by data consumption

Most people believe that using the internet and digital tools does not impact the environment.  As the Internet grows exponentially and as content has evolved into multimedia including audio and video, so does the need for more and more servers in data centres. These servers need to run in cooled, controlled environments, so they require a large amount of energy and have a significant carbon dioxide output.

Why environmentally friendly web and email hosting is important for our environment

  • Data centre power consumption accounts for over 3% of worldwide carbon emissions.
  • Data centre power consumption is projected to rise to 14% by 2040.
  • Our appetite for data is powered by a huge amount of energy – currently around 416.2 terawatts per year.
  • This is equivalent to the electricity consumption of the entire United Kingdom!

Do business with the good people

Certified B Corp, donating 1% of our turnover to environmental charities and carbon offsetting our energy usage since 2007

Hosting that evolves with where you’re at in your online journey

Premium business cPanel web and email hosting

Serversaurus’ premium, high quality cPanel-based website and email hosting is ideal for small to medium businesses that want to go the extra mile in terms of reliability, security, support and doing their part for the environment.

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High-performance web application hosting

Serversaurus’ high performance hosting is ideal for demanding web applications, e-commerce sites and busy websites requiring higher than normal resources. Ideal for websites that need more power than regular hosting, but not quite needing dedicated cloud hosting.

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High performance managed cloud servers and solutions

Managed dedicated hosting on our cloud platform is for websites and applications requiring dedicated hosting and fully scalable solutions. Serversaurus provides 24/7 monitored and managed dedicated cloud servers and solutions within our own high performance infrastructure, including Elastic Virtual Servers, Load Balancers, Content Distribution Network, Full API, Anycast DNS with full management, monitoring and alerting.

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Nextcloud hosting

Australian-based Nextcloud hosting

Nextcloud is the most popular cloud storage and collaboration solution for tens of millions of users at thousands of organisations across the globe. Your Nextcloud data is stored on our servers in Australia, and is fully encrypted in transit. Your account comes with 1Gb included storage.

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Email hosting

Premium, dedicated Australian email hosting

Our premium, dedicated Australian email hosting boasts a plethora of features to enable your team to collaborate seamlessly 24/7.

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Google Workspace email and collaboration tools

Google Workspace is a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products that provide all the apps a business requires – wrapped up into one system that works seamlessly on computers, phones and tablets.

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