Job: Sysadmin / Operations / Devops

A new Serversaur is needed for the herd!

We're looking for a new Serversaur!

Sysadmin / Operations / Devops

Job description

Serversaurus is searching for a highly motivated, self-directed operations & systems administrator to join our team and continue to grow with us. In exchange for your strong work ethic, trust and self-motivation, we offer a great place to work with a progressive attitude which promotes work/life balance in the most practical and effective way: Our working week for full-time staff is four days.

We offer:

  • The ability to work from home and from the office. We have just moved out of our permanent office so it will be remote-only until we find a new home. This position is open to all Australian-based applicants.
  • Generously increasing annual holidays
  • An annual week-long company meet up in a remote location – when we are allowed to travel!
  • Encouragement and facilitation of your learning and ongoing personal education

You need:

  • High proficiency in working with Linux
  • Proficiency with WHM/cPanel – understand how all the pieces fit together
  • Have the ability to navigate each layer, narrow down technical issues and work through incidents (don’t be afraid of tshark and strace), in order to produce concrete, evidence-based, timely and actionable advice
  • Be able to translate client requirements (fuzzy as they may be) into suitable solutions (varying from shared hosting to tiered cluster setups & hybrids in between)
  • Understand and apply configuration management principles and technologies (e.g. Ansible)
  • Understand and apply scalable monitoring/observability practices (metrics and log shipping, alerting)
  • Software development ability (languages of your choice – we use Go, PHP & Node, but any kind of polyglot would be great)
  • Author scripts for minor or once-off tasks
  • Write services to shuffle data around
  • Develop internal and client-facing tooling to manage services and infrastructure
  • Identify projects which may benefit from tooling and implement – experimenting autonomously
  • Familiarity with a broad range of operations technologies – Linux (CentOS,Debian,Ubuntu), Apache/nginx/Litespeed, Varnish, Xen, OnApp, ELK-stack, Ansible, containers, etcd, Consul, etc. – breadth is great!
  • Perhaps most importantly: Enjoy development and operations! You will help drive the direction of operations @ Serversaurus.

Experience & education:

We do not require tertiary or specialised education, however we do expect you to be both technically and humanly fluent. We expect you to have an ability to communicate with clarity and humility, with a flair for logic, creativity and rationality. We are a primarily remote team, so communication is paramount.

We encourage applications from both experienced and traditionally educated applicants, however we make a particular point of being clear that formal education is not the only gateway to gainful and fulfilling employment with Serversaurus.

Who this position is for:

We don’t mind if you’ve got other work going on in the background – we understand you may have your own projects or freelance opportunities. As an operations engineer you will know that there can be quiet periods – however you will also understand that there are times when it’s quite literally, all hands on deck. We strive for flexibility and expect some of that in return.

Salary: Negotiable depending on experience, but ballpark $70-90k.

How to apply:

  • Provide a cover letter – but do your research first: Find out who we are, what we do, and what we’re into. Then figure out why you’d like to work for us (make it more about you rather than about why working only four days a week sounds like a fun idea). Tell us what you’re good at and what you’re not so good at. Tell us about some things you did without someone else telling you to do them.
  • Provide a resume in the following format: Dot-point your employment history (regardless of industry), including your responsibilities (include years worked). Outline your core interests & knowledge from a technical perspective. Include formal education if it is something you have acquired, otherwise include some details on your self-education.

Send to:

About Serversaurus

Serversaurus is a forward thinking company in both philosophy and action. We were founded in 2005 and remain owner-owned and operated. We’re a Founding Australian B-Corp which means we’ve met and adhere to a range of guidelines for operating as a responsible company – from both a human and environmental standpoint. We’re also Australia’s only B-Corp certified web hosting company. We donate 1% of our turnover to environmental charities and have been offsetting our carbon emissions since 2007. We own and operate our own hardware & software platform in Melbourne & Brisbane.