WordPress management and support

Our complete WordPress management and support suite delivered by Serversaurus' WordPress experts

Regular WordPress maintenance is imperative to maintaining a secure, reliable website

So let our experts manage your WordPress website

WordPress is a fantastic Content Management System used by 39.6% of the web – and if you only include CMS-built sites, then 64.1% of them are using WordPress!

WordPress constantly work on the platform to perfect it, and make improvements, fix bug and add new features. Likewise, WordPress plugins are constantly changed. So, WordPress websites need to be regularly maintained. If your WordPress website is neglected, it can be hacked, defaced or otherwise compromised, tarnishing your brand and resulting in unwanted downtime resulting in the loss of regular web traffic or online customers.

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Serversaurus offers a complete WordPress management service

We are WordPress experts that speak your language

Serversaurus offers complete WordPress management so you don’t have any of those worries, including:

  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Monitoring site security and removing vulnerabilities
  • Performing website and database backups every four hours
  • Site restoration from backup (if needed)
  • PHP version compatibility check and updates
  • Applying required updates to WordPress core, plugins and themes
  • Debugging incompatible core, theme or plugin updates

And you will have access to Serversaurus’ excellent email and phone support within business hours.

This service addon is only available for Serversaurus hosted websites.

Serversaurus offers WordPress analysis services

A comprehensive analysis of your website health and performance

Engage Serversaurus’ engineers to complete a comprehensive analysis of the performance and health of your WordPress installation, including a before and after performance review which showcases the improvements made to your WordPress installation.

  • Applying any required manual updates to WordPress core, plugins and themes
  • Checking updates to WordPress core, plugins and themes are successful
  • Checking site security and removing vulnerabilities
  • PHP version compatibility check and updates
  • Analysis of plugins and themes to identify any issues – performance or other

At the end of the analysis and update we provide a report outlining any performance or security issues we’ve identified and recommendations for addressing any issues.