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How to remove Site Software management

This article will guide you through disconnecting your WordPress website from Site Software management

Site Software is a cPanel developed addon which allows users to manage their applications within cPanel. Site Software works by injecting code in to your website installation to manage the application. Unfortunately the injected code prevents WordPress initiated updates and since the Site Software updates are delayed websites managed by Site Software don't receive the latest WordPress version for several months after its release.

For the reasons explained above, WordPress management via Site Software has made websites prone to becoming hacked since the sites are frequently running outdated, vulnerable versions of WordPress.

As part of our internal security procedures, we do not offer Site Software support on any of our servers.

Let's get started!

Fortunately removing Site Software management from your site takes only a few steps! You just need to remove Site Software's added files, however if you aren't confident navigating your website files, please request the assistance of your developer or technically savvy friend.

  1. Login in to cPanel, and open the File Manager function or log in to the server via SSH
  2. Locate the directory labelled .cpaddons in your accounts home directory
  3. Delete the .cpaddons directory
  4. Change into the public_html directory, edit wp-config.php and remove any lines labelled Site Software

After completing those steps, Site Software will no longer manage your website! Note, the .cpaddons directory will recreate itself on the next cron run without the Site Software configurations so don't worry if you notice that directory is present again after the initial removal.

Last updated November 30, 2023

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