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A beginners guide to email spoofing

Accessing your site before changing DNS

An introduction to email authentication

Basic WordPress security and site management

Can I test out your services for free?

Check MySQL database table disk usage

Configure object cache with memcached and Litespeed Cache plugin

Configure spam filtering in cPanel

Connect via SFTP using SSH key authentication with FileZilla

Connecting to Serversaurus shared hosting via SFTP

Create a backup using cPanel

Create a clone of your website

Create a domain alias

Create a SSH key pair and configure your SSH key in cPanel

Create a WordPress administrator via MySQL CLI

Create a WordPress administrator via phpMyAdmin

Create a WordPress cron task in cPanel

Create and manage email accounts in cPanel

Create Autoresponders in cPanel

Disable automatic WordPress updates via wp-config.php

Domain options for shared hosting

Download or restore individual files, directories or database backups with JetBackup

Emptying Trash, Junk and Spam files

Enabling PHP extensions, Changing PHP Version and Setting PHP Options

Export or Import a MySQL database via CLI

Force HTTPS via .htaccess

Force HTTPS via .htaccess (cPanel)

Go live with your WordPress staging website

Help! I need a backup of my cPanel-hosted website

Hide .html extension using .htaccess

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How to ensure website generated emails are delivered successfully

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How to remove Site Software management

I can receive email but can’t send!

Install WordPress via SSH

Introduction to LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager

Login to cPanel via the Client Portal

Manage DNS zones with the cPanel Zone Editor

Managing domains in cPanel

Managing your disk usage

Manual WordPress migrations in a nutshell

Manually re-install WordPress

Migrate remote staging website to local hosting server

Migrate remote transactional website to local server

Migrating email from one POP/IMAP email account to another

Migrating to Serversaurus

My site and/or email service is down

Network Firewall (I can’t access my services on a non-standard port)

No Contracts

Pointing your domain to Serversaurus

Pointing your domain to Squarespace with cPanel

Prevent website generated spam with CAPTCHA

Push updates from a staging to production website

Reconfigure production website to subdomain

Recover your hacked WordPress website

Remove Wordfence firewall block via MySQL CLI

Secure your WordPress installation

Setting up email on your iPhone

Setting up your email client

SpamExperts Inbound Filtering

Subdomains for test sites & more

The SLA – Best effort versus 99.9% versus 100%

Troubleshooting mail issues

Unable to renew certificate: The Let’s Encrypt HTTP challenge failed

Understanding CloudLinux resource limits

Update a WordPress website to use a new domain name

Update your cPanel password

Update your WordPress username via phpMyAdmin

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