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Migrating to Serversaurus

This guide will walk you through the process of migrating your web hosting to Serversaurus

So you've decided to switch from your current service provider to Serversaurus, nice choice! We provide a complimentary migration with any new service, whether you're a new client or an existing client ordering a new service.

The major providers we migrate from are: VentralIP, Crucial, Hostgator, A Small Orange, Uber, Godaddy, Digital Pacific, Ziphosting, Ausweb, Jumba, AussieHost, TPP Wholesale, Zuver, Deasoft, AussieHQ, Web24, SiteGround, CrazyDomains, MelbourneIT.

If you want to transfer your domain to Serversaurus as well, site migrations and domain transfers are two different processes. To learn more about domain transfers we have a step to step guide.

Before we get started, for security reasons we advise not to send login credentials via email, so at any time if you need to send credentials for secure transfer please use our Escrow site and iff you have not already, please register with us.

There are three main components of a migration that are specific to your setup, to move forward we will need to know which of the below options apply to your migration.

1. Website Hosting

Firstly, there is the hosting for the website. To migrate your website, we need granted access to your current hosting manager. If needed, after receiving your credentials we can review the current resources being used by your website and recommend an appropriate plan.

2. DNS Hosting

Secondly, there is the hosting of your DNS records. Think about whether you want your DNS managed at Serversaurus too. This incurs no further fees and having the DNS hosted with your website can make managing your service easier.

If you would like to leave your DNS with your current provider, this works too however we will still need granted access to your DNS Manager regardless to either update the records with your new IP address post migration or to migrate the DNS Zone. Alternatively, feel welcome to update them yourself.

3. Domain Manager

Your domain manager is where you purchased the registration for your domain. If are migrating your DNS records to Serversaurus, we need granted access to your domain manager so we can update your domain nameservers to point to Serversaurus. Alternatively, we can provide instructions so you can update them yourself.

If you have lost track of where your DNS, website or domain is managed just let us know and we can help you identify your current suppliers.

To arrange a migration

Please get in touch with us at We will ask you for the above information so please be prepared to inform us on which services you would like migrated and have the required login credentials on hand.

Once we have received those details from you, we can take a closer look at your website and schedule a time to proceed with the migration.

Last updated November 30, 2023

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