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What exactly is shared hosting?

This article will walk you through what is shared hosting and some frequently asked questions about shared hosting

Shared hosting means your website is on a large server, which is shared amongst other customers. This page aims to dispel some myths and answer common questions around how shared hosting works, and what it actually means.

Can other customers read my files/email?

No. Our systems are multi-tenant, and are designed to offer complete customer segregation. One customer can never read the data of another customer.

So what is actually shared in shared hosting environments?

Shared hosting means that physical server resources are shared within a single environment. Less technically, it means your account is on a large computer which shares the CPU, RAM, and disk resources with other customers.

Why? What if I want my own dedicated environment?

Shared hosting reduces the burden of cost for individual customers by sharing resources. Shared hosting is a very affordable way of hosting most websites and email services. If however, you have special privacy requirements or your website is large and requires dedicated resources, we do offer dedicated cloud environments.

If customers share resources, can one customer take everything for themselves?

No. While resources are shared, we have specialised software which ensures one single customer cannot hog resources, leaving everyone else's website slow and unusable.

Last updated November 30, 2023

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