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Why don’t you have unlimited plans?

This article will guide you through our shared hosting resource limits and the reasons why our plans aren't unlimited

At Serversaurus, we don't provide unlimited plans because they are unsustainable. Not only are they impossible to realistically offer, but hosts who do offer unlimited style plans very rarely (if ever), mean unlimited - often they have a 'fair use' caveat, or other hidden hook which would disallow you from using 5TB of disk and terabytes of bandwidth.

Plan design

Our plans are realistically sized so that we can offer a premium hosting environment for customers who aren't tricked by false advertising, and have realistic expectations. By offering genuine plans and more than enough resources for most websites, we're able to better control and manage our infrastructure, to ensure our services are reliable and efficient.

Reality versus marketing

The average website in reality consumes very little disk and bandwidth, which is why unlimited plans exist with other providers - providers know that 99.9% of customers use very little, and they use this as a marketing trick to appear as though their hosting products are significantly better than hosts who have genuine limits. It's easy to offer unlimited bandwidth when it's naturally limited by the size of the connection - sometimes 2mbit/s or even less!

They're your neighbour

In our shared hosting environments where resources are shared (but tightly managed), the question you should be asking yourself is: What kind of neighbour do I want? If you had the choice to live in a densely populated chaos, versus a more open and efficient area with quality services, which would you choose? As a company, we know who we'd choose - our plans are designed for those who demand quality.

Limits can be useful

Having limits in place can have helpful unintended consequences. You are alerted when approaching limits, and on some occasions this has led us to discover things like websites that have been hacked without the owner's knowledge, and in a way that isn't picked up by our automated tools; misconfigured backup plugins that would eventually force the website offline; and other misconfigured software that causes unnecessary disk space and bandwidth usage.

But your plans aren't big enough for me!

That's entirely possible! Options for this scenario include opening a ticket with us to discuss your requirements, utilising a dedicated virtual machine where you can add resources as required, or choosing another host which better suits your requirements.

We do one thing well, and that's high quality Australian web hosting.

Last updated November 30, 2023

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