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Migrating email from one POP/IMAP email account to another

This guide will teach you how to migrate your email history from one POP/IMAP email account to another

In some cases you may not be able to automatically migrate your email history, for example if you are migrating from a non-cPanel account, or you may have another POP email account that you'd like to migration emails from. Maybe you just want to move emails from one account to another. Regardless of the reason, this is the guide for you!

This should work with any POP or IMAP email account and has been tested with Serversaurus and Google Workspace mailboxes (S->GA, GA->S, S->S and GA->GA).

This can be done in a straightforward manner using Thunderbird, Outlook, and most other combined POP/IMAP email client Programs. Thunderbird is lightweight, simple and free:

If it isn't already set up, set up an account in your email program connecting via POP or IMAP to your SOURCE email account. If you are using POP, make sure that the advanced option for "Delete mail from server after X days" is disabled.

Again, if it's not already set up, go ahead and set up another email account connecting via IMAP to your DESTINATION email account. This connection must be IMAP.

Once the SOURCE account has downloaded your email and the DESTINATION IMAP account is synchronised, you can simply drag one or more emails from the SOURCE account to the DESTINATION IMAP account. Your email program will upload the emails to the server when it does its next IMAP synchronisation.

Last updated November 30, 2023

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