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Complete a manual Change of Registrant (CoR) application for a .au domain

This guide will teach you how to complete a manual Change of Registrant (CoR) application for a .au domain registration

Completing a manual Change of Registrant (CoR) application is required when the domain registrant of a *.au domain is not eligible to hold the domain name.

Perhaps the business is changing hands or operating under a new business name, either way keeping your domain registration details up-to-date is a necessary part of ensuring your business is eligible to hold that domain name license.

To complete a CoR, an application must be submitted to the registrar which includes documents verifying the change taking place. The following sections outline the documentation required to submit a CoR, please choose which applies to your circumstance.


If you're unsure whether your domain registrant is eligible to hold the domain, please reference our guide on Eligibility requirements for .au domains for further understanding.

If the current registrant is eligible to hold the domain, an automated CoR can be initiated by Serversaurus engineers on your request, without need for further documentation.

For Businesses and Organisations

  • A copy of a sales agreement showing that the business was sold or changed hands; or
  • A signed letter on company letterhead stating that the domain name has changed hands; or
  • Any valid document showing the domain name or business has changed hands.

Keep in mind, the documentation supplied must be dated on or before the business changed hands and/or the Eligibility ID (ABN/ACN) was cancelled.

If you are unable to supply historical documents, you can write a letter which includes your companies letter head and written confirmation of the agreement which took place.

To validate the letter, you need to complete a statutory declaration. Refer to the Victoria Governments, Justice and Community Safety website for advice on completing a statutory declaration.

For Sole Traders and Partnerships

To verify the Sole Trader or at least one member of the Partnership is the one requesting the change of registrant to be completed, we can accept any form of government-issued ID (e.g. drivers license, passport) as proof that the Sole Trader or member of a Partnership is requesting the CoR take place.

Submit a CoR application

Once you have consolidated the required documentation, please submit a request to which includes the following:

  • The required documentation outlined above
  • Confirmation of the nominated new registrant (the new business name and ABN to hold the domain name licence).

Serversaurus will then submit the CoR application on your behalf and monitor the progress of the application until completuib.

Last updated November 30, 2023

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