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Eligibility requirements for .au domains

This article will guide you through the eligibility requirements to register and maintain a .au domain name license

Before we get started, here's some quick definitions for those new to the following references:

Eligibility NameThe entity name (ie: company name) associated with a ABN/ACN number.
Eligibility IDThe ABN/ACN associated with a domain registration.
Eligibility TypeThe entity type associated with your ABN/ACN, for example: Company, Sole Trader, Non-profit Organisation.
RegistrantThe holder of the domain name licence.
RegistrarThe authority managing the domain registration.
TLDTop Level Domain (TLD) is the appended section of your domain name for example, .com,, .co.
CoRChange of Registrant.

Register a .au domain

For successfully registration you must nominate an active ABN/ACN number and ABN/ACN holder which has either direct or sufficient relationship with the domain name. Upon successful registration, the ABN/ACN holder and ABN/ACN number nominated is now what is referred to as the domain registrant.

There are additional requirements which vary depending on the .au domain extension, please read AUDA's guide "About .au domain names" which explains the requirements of each available extension (for example,, or domain extensions).

Maintain a .au domain licence

To remain eligible to hold the domain name licence during the registration period, the registrant eligibility ID (ABN/ACN) must remain valid for the period of the registration.

Be mindful The Australian Domain Authority (AUDA) requests domain registrars ensure all .au domain registrants are eligible to hold the domain. In the case the registrant eligibility is no longer valid, AUDA policy is to cancel the domain name license and delete the domain name within 30 days.

Read the full policy on the AUDA website for full disclosure of the eligibility requirements.

How do I check my Eligibility?

You can check your domain name registration details using the AUDA WHOIS service.

  1. Enter in the domain name
  2. Enter the captcha text
  3. In the results, scroll to the bottom section where it lists the registrant details (Registrant and Registrant ID). The entity listed as Registrant with the corresponding ID must be current.
  4. If you're still unsure whether the registrant is current, visit the Australian Business Register (ABR) website, enter the ABN/ACN number in the search bar, submit and then review the status declared in the results.

Reasons why a registrant is no longer eligible to hold a .au domain name licence:

  • The domain name was registered using an ABN/ACN which is cancelled;
  • The domain name was purchased as part of the business assets, but the registrant details were not changed;
  • The name of the business or company has changed;
  • The business name registration has lapsed;
  • The business is operating under a new trading name or the domain name ownership has been transferred between business entities without updating the registrant details.

Changing the Domain Registrant

To change the domain registrant, a CoR application needs to be submitted to the domain registrar. Please refer to our Completing a CoR application for a .au domain guide for full instruction.

Last updated November 30, 2023

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