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Welcome to Anycast DNS

Our Anycast DNS manager is currently being redeveloped, to manage your Anycast DNS zone please contact support for assistance.

Anycast DNS is a complimentary service within the Client Portal, this guide will walk you through creating, editing and deleting a DNS zone managed using the Anycast DNS manager.

To get started, login to the Client Portal, navigate to the Services menu, then select DNS Manager.

Note: To use our Anycast DNS manager, your domain nameservers must point to the following nameservers:

Create, Edit or Delete a DNS Zone

To create a new DNS Zone, enter your domain name into the text field below Zone Name and select Create.

Your zone will now be displayed within the Your DNS Zones area, note that you're able to Edit and Delete the zone using the options on the right hand side of your domain.

Creating DNS Records

Within the DNS Zone, take note of the fields available for the different record types:

After you have entered your record details, select Create on the right hand side to save your changes.

Edit a record by selecting the text field, update the value and then select Save on the right hand side.

Delete records using the Actions on the right hand side.

Last updated November 30, 2023

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