Internet Excavation #13

Internet Excavations is a series of posts highlighting curiosities found while driving a Delorean down the Information Superhighway.

Published July 14, 2020

This post is part of a series of Internet Excavations which spotlight the origins of some of our server names, all of which are inspired by famous dinosaurs throughout history.

Server spotlight: Spike

Inspired by one of the main characters in the classic movies series The Land Before Time, first released in 1988. Spike the Stegosaurus was a happy-go-lucky character famous for his limited script- only having muttered a few words throughout the series, although his vocalisations were limited, his personality compensated by his expressive nature and extremely large appetite.

Spikes fans have even compiled a YouTube clip featuring the (arguably) cutest scenes featuring Spike throughout the The Land Before Time:

Spike was nominated as the hostname for a server within our Business Hosting fleet – we approach the naming of our Business hosting servers to be “cute” as these server builds are the smallest tier hosting we offer- for this reason reason Spike’s cute and charismatic character was the perfect tribute.