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Hi from Serversaurus HQ! Serversaurus is proud of a range of initiatives that strengthen our current business.

Published June 29, 2018

Hi from Serversaurus HQ

Hi from HQ! Serversaurus is proud of these initiatives that strengthen our current business:

  • Exceptional Customer Happiness
    It’s one of the things that drives us. We always want to improve and make things easy for others to succeed.
  • 4 day workweek for employees
    Happy employees make customers and operations. We’ve gone beyond Google’s 20% Time.
  • Datacentres in Australia
    Our customers and their customers know the location of their data. Data sovereignty is very quickly becoming a high priority. Our Melbourne datacentre is Tier 4 ISO 27001 certified and we’ve a secondary datacenter Brisbane.
  • Fair Super
    Serversaurus contributes an extra 5.5% to female employees so we can do our part in addressing the gender gap in retirement savings.
  • B Corporation
    B Corporation is an accreditation for businesses that covers progressive operations across people, environment, technology and more. Like the business version of Fair Trade for coffee. Check out other B Corp’s at
  • Contribution to 1% for the planet
    We donate 1% of our Sales revenue to environmental causes, including Take 3 for the Sea. What’s your business doing to help save the planet?
  • Fully carbon offset operations
    Serversaurus has been fully carbon-neutral since 2007. Partnering with Greenfleet to plant trees to offset all our emissions: servers, transport, electricity, and more!
  • Often faster than AWS, Azure, GCE and others.
    (Had to be said). Delivering mission critical, high performance sites. Want to avoid a meltdown? Talk to us.We like to refine what we do. What works for you?